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Worlds Biggest Data Breaches Interactive InfoGraphic

Folks at Information is Beautiful created an interactive visualization of the world’s biggest data breaches that occurred over the past decade.  One infographic creates visualization to an eye-opening-drop-jaw moment. Click the image to go to the interactive version so you can click on the bubbles to learn for yourself and find more information about each event.


Welcome to Data Breach Alert

The idea of creating the services that Data Breach Alert provides came from Terrance Kohler during his years of relocations across the United States.  Terry noticed that there were Law Enforcement Agencies that offered an opt-in service to receive notification of local crime incidents [once reported on police reports].  The notifications are usually within a short distance [up to 1/2 mile] of the person’s address.

Yes, your information may have been stolen, but typically you’re not a victim of IDentity Theft UNTIL the thieves start using your data.  There is no way to STOP data breaches or identity theft, but with a solution of EARLY DETECTION, like getting data breach alerts of where you’re information has been shared, you can have peace of mind.

IDentity Theft is notoriously hard to prosecute and even more difficult to recover from.

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