Welcome to your solutions to protecting your good name.  Data Breaches happen VERY often — but did you know that in YOUR beginning your info was given out by your parents?  Then, YOU gave out your personal identifying information as you began living beyond the care of someone else.  When your good name begins to be used by someone else, to become YOU, then identity theft has occurred.

MANY companies who experience a data breach, fail to alert the potential identity theft victims right away or even at all.  Some make their data breach publicly known in a few weeks, some a few months.  I would want to know even before the media does, if they do find out.  Data Breach Alert’s mission is to be that source of knowledge for you – and alert you.

IDentity Theft crook and tagsPROBLEMS:

  • Shop somewhere that gets your credit card?
  • IDentity Theft jeopardizing your Good Name?
  • Interested in knowing if you have need to be concerned?
  • Has your employer’s data, about you, gotten out or into the wrong hands?
  • Concerned about your non-public personal information being used in a wrongful way?


  • 27,000 victims each day
  • 1 in 700 thieves get caught/persecuted
  • Identity Theft is the #1 complaint to the FTC in 2014! This is the 15th year that it tops the list of complaints to the FTC.
  • Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting firm, has an exclusive agreement to only work with LegalShield in the identity theft market.
    • Kroll’s “restoration” services is more advanced than “resolution” or “monitoring” services that all the companies you’ve heard of on TV & Radio


  • Get fast alerts of Data Breaches that happened where your data has been!
  • Have peace of mind with the real solution available to North Americans!

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